Elbow *almost* left behind when rotating arm

This is kind of weird and I have no idea what I did to cause it.

My little lego man is now 3,330 verts and about 3,500 faces. While being a rather boring first model it has been very educational.

I have started rigging him now (thanks to Fligh % for help with the sharp joint problem) and have started on the arms.

Now I seem to have done something (I think it might be due to the weight painting) to muck up his arm. When I rotate the Upper Arm up the verticies at the point where the upper arm and lower arm join seems to get a little left behind.

The weight painting at that point is upper arm is RED turning to Green at the shoulder and the Lower Arm is GREEN.

I have fiddled about but have no idea what I did, I have also tried deleting the Vertice groups and remaking them but no luck.

What have I done and how can I fix it?


Go into weight paint mode and look through all the bones that aren’t in the arm and check that the arm is solid blue - chances are one of them has bleeded out a little onto the arm, and is dragging it down.

Brilliant! Exactly what my problem was!

Turns out I set up the Upper body before I put the additonal face cuts in for the elbow so the upper body influence covered the arms to the elbows.

Learn something new everyday (or every minute it seems with Blender :slight_smile: