Hi I am fairly new to blender and 3d modelling but have learned alot. I animate my characters for game engine fairly well i think. I decided to go back and learn some new things. And learn how to fix things i dont know how to. I can get almost every part of my models to animate correctly except for the elbow joint. It always seems to collapse on itself or something. Ive played with the weight paints and positioning the bone ends but i cant seem to get them right. Wierd because my knees always bend right =. Ill show you what i mean.

Is there any advice on how to make these bend a little better. Any help is appreciated.

here is the blend
tosend.blend (955 KB)

What have you done with the knee joint? I would say at least 3 loops are needed at a joint to make it work nicely, seems you are missing a central one.

*as a side note, why are you using 2.4x? 2.5x is much nicer!

A screenshot in wireframe weight painting mode would help, but from what I can see…
It looks like you have a loop on the forearm side and a loop on the upperarm side, with nothing in between. For a quick test, I would suggest adding a loop in between those existing ones (right in the middle of the elbow) and weight those new verts half and half to the forearm and upper arm bones.

more loop cuts, or place the armature modifier under the subsurf (if subsurs are in use)

ill try adding some more loops and see if it works, thanks for the tip

*as a side note, why are you using 2.4x? 2.5x is much nicer!

I agree about it being nicer. It runs my same animations way faster (smoother) in the game engine. The interface is throwing me off…cant find nothing =\

I rigged a knee with a separite and short kneebone in between the thigh and shin bones.