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Hi all. I’m a blender hobbyist and cycles enthusiast. I have been learning Blender for 2 years and like photorealistic renders. I’m a lazy modeller so my best projects are abstract. I start 5 projects and finish 1. But I continue learning. I like fight with material nodes, lighting and compositing.

Here there are some of my renders:

Enneper Forms

Gold Ingots


More renders

Cornell Box Spheres

Jerusalem Balls

Glass Dodecahedrons



Jerusalem Cube


I really like this stuff - mathematical abstract shapes - good work - the Jerusalem Cubes - did you generate them procedurally or with some fractal plugin or something?

good stuff, I like it.

I love the Jerusalem Cubes. That’s some really intricate work.

Great stuff as usual! You are not “lazy”, abstract is more difficult than people realize. Keep up the good work! ::smiley:

Thank you for your comments r4ytrace, glassdog and SaltyCowdawg

The Jerusalem Cube is made with my hands (no script). I only use a Mirror Modifier. The jerusalem ball is a Jerusalem cube with two Cast Modifiers.

The Jerusalem Cube is similar to a Menger Sponge, but it uses a different mathematical explanation that you can find in http://alt-fractals.blogspot.fr/2011/11/jerusalem-square.html

Thanks a lot VickyM72, I’m glad to see your incredible work here in Blender Artist.


Abstract World

Brass Ball

Jerusalem Cubes Squence


Dirty Vertices

Colored Glass


Two renders and one video:


3D fractals

And the camera flying in that scene

I liked your video… its like a fractal city flyover. Like Vicky mentioned, abstract stuff is everybit as challenging as the real world art…maybe more, because you have to dream it up :slight_smile:

We gotta give you a nickname… it’s tough to spell your screen name in posts :slight_smile: I hearby nickname you “materialmaster”

Thanks a lot harleynut97!

One render a two videos



Be Fractal…

Enjoyed both videos, but particularly liked the helicoidal one.

Three renders:

Iron Maiden Letters:

Judas Priest Letters & Logo:

Voroni Sphere:

Some fractals made with Cycles / OSL:

Mandelbrot Interior

Mandelbrot Zoom


Nice additions! I do love my fractals :smiley:

Thanks @VickyM72!

I’d say that this would quickly become a favorite for mathematical geeks if we continue to see increasingly complex algorithmic forms, perhaps if you wanted to be truly mathematical, you can start writing Python scrips to generate objects and assign materials via an algorithm.

I’d say the abstract stuff, in my opinion, is a breath of fresh air compared to the dozens of nude models that other artists are pumping into their portfolios on a nearly daily basis, in my opinion anyway.