electric motor as a piece of art

this is the first time i do a model like this
i wanted it to be low poly but ended up with a lot more then expected
but there are so many little detials in the model that it was not a choice per say just a consequence !
Tehcnical side : This is an industrila electric motor l induction motor with an outer casing or iron type TEFC
so i began with the face plate and the connection box

see pic
hope you like it

Good modelling on those components I love electric motors.

I can’t believe you just posted this though, I am just in the middle of putting together a WIP post and it was also going to be called ‘Electric Motors’

hoepfully it’s not the same style
diversity is good and fun LOL

here is the rotor with corected normal and looking good

and here a pic with sme texture for the paint giving some bumps for the paint

now i still have some problem with the fan shape anybody knows where to find a good model file for this ?

hoepfully it’s not the same style
diversity is good and fun LOL
No need to worry about that my electric motor is a low poly model of a Gravitron LAAA4002 DC Motor and that is in the back of the electric race car I’ve been working on.

By the way, what make of electric motor are you making and what is it used for?

Maybe you could make a better background?
If you make a real background (i.e, a building interior), reflection looks awesome.

background details will be part of anothere file which will include the motor model
but thats another project later on LOL

to SKip the motor i model started from the Big One in the USA ( G…)

but most motor manufactures are producing this type of motor and they all look the same
basically -
as i said this is an induction 3 Phases motor Extra severe duty type TEFC
The only thing i don’t ahve a good example right now is the back ventialtor fan blades
so if anybody has a model let me know