Electric Vehicle

An electric shooting break- I’ve been designing this for a competition brief, although I began 2 weeks after the deadline…

Used curves to define the main shapes, converted to verts, and went from there. Restarted about 4 times before I had a good base, now at the stage where I’m adding detail for realism. More about the design thinking to come, once I’ve got to grips with the modelling system a bit more!


With basic underbody diffuser placement…


Looking good dude.

You going to do the mean sketch overlay on this soon?

How you going anyway? still in Welly

Um… looks pretty good only one nit pick is that the front bumper or end looks a little to sharp and doesnt look quiet as smooth as the rest of it

Yeah, that top front edge is causing me no small amount of frustration!

Thanks! living in AKL now, art director for a game dev company. Don’t spend much time in max anymore (or Blender for that matter), so wanted to start some projects. I’ve broken all Lyn and Anders’ rules against going straight into CAD, and have only done a couple of profile sketches for this… Not sure about headlights etc. so might be time to dust off the wacom.

Are you still at the same consultancy?

Best wishes, N