Elementary OS (Luna) and Cycles GPU Rendering

I fear this may be a long shot, but figured it was worth a try.

I’ve been experimenting with various linux distros to dual boot with over the past week or so, and I’ve settled on one that I like, Elementary OS. It basically comes ‘out of the box’ exactly how I used to configure XFCE and with a more polished look so I’ve been quite pleased. However… (There was sooo gonna be a ‘however’ wasn’t there!)

After installing Blender (from the irie ppa) and the nvidia-cuda-toolkit, I’ve been unable to render with GPU. I can select the option in user preferences, but on rendering, get a ‘failed to start cuda kernel’ or similar message (I’m writing this from my windows boot so can’t check the exact message atm.
The odd thing is I’ve tried a buttload of installations over the past week, ubuntu, xubuntu, mint 15 (with cinnamon and with xfce), erm… Ubuntu Gnome… I’m sure a few others, and each and every one worked with blender without the slightest issue.

As a note, in previous distributions, I used the latest nvidia driver from the prompt, 3.04 iirc… with Elementary OS i’ve attempted to use that, and a fresh install of the .run driver from the nvidia website, both have failed.

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated, its typical that after finding a distro I like, its the ONE distro that I have trouble getting blender to work with! (The main reason for the dual boot)

This driver is very old we are at 319.49 and you don´t need toolkit if you run official blender.
It should be possible to install the driver from nvidia, search for a instruction for Elementary OS.
The problem is mostly a running xserver, install work in terminal modus only.

Cheers, mib.

For me with my Nvidia 9600GT and Elementary OS, I installed the default recomended Nvidia proprietry driver.

For Blender I used the latest one from the blender.org site for Cuda to work correctly, and created a .desktop file to launch it in the menu. Works like a dream!

The PPA I couldn’t get Cuda to work with Ubuntu styled disrtos, it’s a common issue no idea about others tho :wink: