Elephant sculpture


After a long time away from Blender for work reasons, I go back to modeling with a saga of animals

I think the elephant and its skin so complex is a nice training for future projects.

The Blender 2.90 upgrades on the sculpture are lovely.

However, performance is still affected on my computer (7 years old) when I exceed 2,000,000 vertex.

i7 960x 4th gen and 2060 rtx 32GB ram.



Here bro, amazing work :ok_hand:t5:! I’m not too sure how to navigate on the web, however, I’m looking for that someone to help me make a footwear design on blender

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Thanks a lot, there are several sites for this. you can put a job offer on BlenderMarket or CGTrader for example.

Retopo in progress:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I’m deeply grateful Bart! I’m back with Blender, I’ll try to do a good job this time.

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First soft_body experiments…(cloth)


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Where’s the snow speeder with the tow cable?


Nice sculpting!!
Hilarious collapse animation!

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I’m so happy to see you back! Can’t wait to see what kind of rigging magic you pull off with this project. I’ve been trying and failing to crack your face rig for a month now, lol.

Thanks a lot! I’ll keep working :muscle:

haha :laughing:, thanks for your reply, If I make any progress with the facial rig I will let you know, for the moment it is a project that I abandoned, but comments like this encourage me to resume it.

Hi Cesar… How are you doing!!!.. We miss your posts… Always learning from your videos!!..

¿Como vas Cesar?.. hace mucho que no sabemos de ti … Tengo mucha curiosidad por las cosas que haces… me parecen impresionantes… y ultimamente no veo cosas tuyas por la red!!!.. El otro dia estuve viendo de nuevo tu video de blendiberia 16 :wink: jaja … siempre se aprende mucho de un maestro!!