This is a currect project I’m working on. Any tips how I can make him more toony, or have more character? Or any tips at all would help.

looks awesome great modeling!, as for becoming more toony try making the tusks more round anf bigger eyes and toes

Thanks Aidan! I made the eye a little bigger and tried to give it a more human-like character.

Actually thats closer to a real elephants eyes, they are very expressive and emotional animals, much like a human in the eyes. but yes, making the tusks more rounded would help.:slight_smile:

Cool thanks Catboy85. Did’nt get to the tusks yet, but here is a color render with eyes in.
After i work on the tusks, there seems to be some ridges around his face I need to smooth out, also.

Way cool job on the Pixar style Eyes;)

:slight_smile: There is a very good caracter!! I don’t know if you’re still planning on making it toony, but you could go along way with this,I’m thinkin “Over the Hedge” as far as emotive animals go…
Very good modelling!!

man that model is awesome, those pixar eyes do wonders

I can see it now: The REAL Elephants Dream. Nice modeling.

Nice work :).

For toonie effects you need to exaggerate the features in a parody way. Make the body fatter, the ears bigger, the trunk longer, that kind of thing.

haha, thats wicked.

Thanks everybody. I tried to give him more of a brow area, and smoothed out the grooves in his face and tusks. Im thinking of adding wrinkles here and there next, but he is close to being finished. I am working with an excellent reference image created by an EXCELLENT artist, hyver, so no enlarging of anything. Any other tips on the mesh would be greatly appreciated because he will be rigged and textured soon.

Very good, may I ask you to tell us a little tut on how to make the eyes?

Thanks Loonie! I use these eyes.

could you post the reference pictures please???

That is a great model! Good work.

Final pick before he is shipped off to texturers. I used the node alpha over to put in the sky but for some reason got a weird line around him. Shoulda used black background i guess instead of sky color. Also his eye texture didn’t render aslo for some reason???
I’ll see about getting the reference image posted here, but I will have to get permission first.

Lookin’ good, but the top of his ear is not smooth.

Looks good. I think the weird line is caused by anti-aliasing probably. Look forward to another update.

I only saw this after rendering with AO and raytracing. It seems to be caused by a weird pole in the mesh. It does’t seem to show when I don’t use AO and Ray, which neither will be used on this character I dont think.Can you take a look at the mesh there and give me any suggestions?

Simhar over in the composition forum said to press that button thats in the Alpha-over node and it will make him blend into the background. I did a small test render and it worked. Not sure why that button is even there, because I can’t think of a reason for wanting that weird line around your foreground.


I really like this model, but some small problems, i think, for the simplicity of the model, a lot of polygons could go without sacrificing detail(unless you are posting wireframes with subsurf on). Also the mouth of the elephant seems really far down on the face like it’s sliding off(bad analogy), same with the beginning of the trunk, i think there is more of a ridge on that part of the face where the trunk starts. I really like the style so far though.
oh and the toes look weird in that last full render, is emit on? It makes it look strange.