Elephants Dream - just white guys!

xray51493 - it is about using both walk cycles and TALK cycles!
Everyone can talk!!! But what to say? Everyone can walk. But where to walk?

You can use BLENDER to say something! What to say is up to you!
Elephants dream says something!

Walk cycles is it the answer to 911? WELL!!! FOR SURE!!!
BUT also TALK cycles!
We have to begin to use both walk and talk!

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hoping for an imminent banning.

This thread is making it impossible for me to see how this person can possibly be an asset to the community.

ED is a free movie : you can change it if it doesn’t suit you.


Trolls inside (combo chain).

Sometimes white men form groups even they are not racist. This remark is so stupid that you made me sad.

I suspect he is a bot… like the one that claims to be God and learns from your input.

freeblender: i have two words for you… piss off!

It is NOT about walking it is NOT about talking.
It is BOTH - walking and talking!
Sure this is more about talking: Hello World! How are you doing?


How to be honest? Cheating others? Money is King?
We better use BOTH walk and talk!
But what to say? Where to walk?
Sure this is hard to understand!
But WALKING and TALKING cannot be so hard to understand! OR?

Let us find it out! using BLENDER - start walking - start talking - using BLENDER!

What the hell does that even mean?

You said pretty much the same thing to my first reply, and I still dont get it.

I’m guessing bot, but I just wanted to get in here before the thread got locked. For the sake of science!

Let us start BOTH walking and talking with BLENDER!
Now most ones are just walking!
Better start also talking! But what to say?

Elephants dream - trying to say what? Two white guys dreaming!

I was going to tell you my own interpretation of Elephants Dream, but better let the director of the film explain it itself (quoted directly from ED wikipedia’s page):

“The story is very simple—I’m not sure you can call it a complete story even—It is about how people create ideas/stories/fictions/social realities and communicate them or impose them on others. Thus Proog has created (in his head) the concept of a special place/machine, that he tries to “show” to Emo. When Emo doesn’t accept his story, Proog becomes desperate and hits him. It’s a parable of human relationships really—You can substitute many ideas (money, religion, social institutions, property) instead of Proog’s machine—the story doesn’t say that creating ideas is bad, just hints that it is better to share ideas than force them on others. There are lots of little clues/hints about this in the movie—many little things have a meaning—but we’re not very “tight” with it, because we are hoping people will have their own ideas about the story, and make a new version of the movie. In this way (and others) we tie the story of the movie with the “open movie” idea.”
Bassam Kurdali.


I put up with this gay crap all day about “Oooh! You racist!!!” and all that and i and f-ing SICK of it! Racism is thinking your race is better than any other race. Hitler was a racist. Just because I deny you a pencil or some stupid crud like that and you happen to be black DOES NOT MAKE ME A RACIST!!!

so get the heck over it…

They are talking about something(even if its obscure), just not about racism! Just because there not talking about racism doesn’t make them racist. And also, why cant a video just be cool? Why does it have to have some deep meaning?

Very well said.


Oh!! Elephant’s dream is racist! Of course! How come I didn’ think of that!!

I like cheese :smiley:

It is not about only color - for sure also color - but color used of money!
It is about MONEY!
Better both walk and talk!

Better react - search for yourself!
What story to tell?
Some saga?

OR a story about MONEY and MEDIA? or both?
saga with money and media?

An Elephants dream - not talking about color - not about money - WHY?
An Elephants Dream being false!!!

We are now the storytellers - ALL OF US USING BLENDER!
Let us start to find truth and love!
Or hate and falseness?
WE - OUR I:s - are the ONE:s!

Now that we have an understanding, I can say this without being deemed a quote/unquote “racist”.

Today I stated to two people, one male and one female and both of them black, that I just didn’t like people that give me reason not to like them. They preceded to assume that I was being “racist”. They told a whole bunch of other black people that I said I didn’t like black people. He was joking, she wasn’t, and a lot of people now dislike me. That is cruel and unnecessary, don’t you think?

I wish everyone would stop turning everything into a game of racism. I mean, I live in the southern United States, which used to be the slave capitol nearly of the world. Now that slavery has been outlawed, African Americans think that every white man in the world is out to get them. Through the course of time however, it has become less of a terror and more of an aggression, where white people are SO AFRAID to hurt a black person because they stereotypically assume that they are a gang member and that their gang will come and kill them.


It must end. Look, honestly, there are people. People I like, and people I don’t. You being a certain race, color, religion, sexuality, etc. doesn’t affect my decision. Yes I said it, I won’t dislike you because you are gay. I won’t approve of it or even accept it entirely, but I may still like you as a person.

I judge you only by the way you act/behave. I have no reason to dislike anyone on the forums so far except that moron karaoke (:ba:) that got booted in like a week, but other than that none. Everyone acts respectably, so I respect everyone. You get it? You respect me, I respect you. It’s simple really…

Anyway, That’s my super-long intense speech on racism and the friendship/respect. What do you people think?

It is not about color - it is about money!
And Elephants dream NOT telling about color - NOT about money!
Elephants dream being false! Better start telling the trurh!
But what is the truth? WALKCYCLES? TALKCYCLES?

Perhaps most ones having nothing to tell? Being dumbed down?

Not having understood:

Elephants dream is a FRAUD!
Better start telling your own stories with walking AND talking.

well this is something new as far as automated spambot attacks go…let’s hope it doesn’t catch on across the net…