Elephants Dream made entirely with OpenSource?


Recently at the blender conference someone pointed out to me that Elephants Dream says that its made entirely with Open Source software, but naturally I shrugged it off saying that it says “the graphics is made…” and that the sound was out sourced and so ReAktor got used.

Anyway I checked the blurb on the back of the case and it does indeed say “Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source software and …”, and wikipedia says “Elephants Dream is a computer-generated short film made entirely[1] using open source applications”.

Why does it say this when this is a blatant untruth? I’m not trying to bash Elephants Dream, but its advertising as being something its not.

Some will say I’m looking into too much- well wasn’t this supposed to be a beacon of OpenSource. Isn’t that the reasoning behind it?

Please (especially the Project Orange people) don’t take this personal.

what?? i dont have a clue what you are trying to say? what was used that wasnt open scource??

Im confused?


That is true, but im assuming they are talking about the graphics…
I would give em a break
“Elephants Dream: Movie made almost entirely with open source software!”
I think we should let this one slide :wink:
And wuts a good advertisement without some embellishment?
Every new movee professes to be the “best ___ of this year!”
Is it true…maybe, maybe not. Lets not get too worked up about trivialities.
Peace out

Orange2 will be totally OpenSourced, i’m sure, and it means without Mac or at least without OS X. :slight_smile:

Genjix is right especially when Ton told: Jan’s work was 50% of the movie :slight_smile:

Anyway, it doesn’t means we want to offence O’Team in tellin’ that. :slight_smile:


Not to be rude or anything…but where is your evidence??? Or rather, where did the bit about ReAktor come from???

Probably from here.

So what?
Movie: Open Source Software
Soundtrack: Professional Sound Studio
Two seperate things joined at the hip.
If you read the discussions seems the ED team were pushing for OSS Soundtrack.
Open Source Movie It Is. (movie made with OSS)
Open Source Soundtrack It never claimed to be.(soundtrack Pro Software)

That’s my opinion.

this discussion is so rediculous…

yeah, it isn’t even worth a reaction… a damn… too late, it’s allready on:P.

who cares… I thought we were just one big happy blenderfamily;) ED is one of the best CG movies I’ve seen, even beats some of the full length commercial things out there IMO… let’s be proud of the orange team;)

Fine, but it being a good movie doesn’t make it any more true…

I don’t have the sleeve here so I can’t check.
But as far as I know the movie is 100% open source (common creative 2.5) and mostly open source is used for it’s creation.
Meaning Open source application and Open source operating systems.
Closed source was used in the form as Mac OS, and dvd author and audio systems. Also,… the microphones where closed source, the power was a closed source, closed source was used to pay the bills, the door locks where controlled with closed source, some where listening to their iPod with closed source.
But,… the movie is 100% open source. All files are given and freed to do as you please as long as you credit the original creators. And yes thats a first for animation is the history of movie making.

like I said…I thought, we were one big happy blenderfamily… not a joke, we are right? It’s one of the things that make blender different, the community right? To me, it sounds like you find them… traitors? If you want great sound, you do need a professional studio(even though Emo’s dutch accent was annoying:P).

This one is going nowhere…