Elephants Dream mentioned on DivX newsletter

Those reading the DivX newsletter might have noticed the mention of Elephants Dream as a showcase for their DivX HD technology

1920x1080 = 2073600, but also DivX in Full HD!

Just in case the boundary between the virtual world and your real life wasn’t muddled enough, DivX steps up the confusion with high definition (HD) quality video encoding and playback. We’re talking full HD resolution, 1920x1080 digital video in both interlaced and progressive scan modes. Be forewarned, however. Once you go HD, you may never have the patience to watch another low-quality video again. Want to see DivX HD in action? Check out the film Elephants Dream in full HD glory on Stage6.
Another nice mention, and also the proof that the industry really knows what we are doing. :cool:

ED was like an earthquake. The first wave was kinda big, but the second destroyed everything. Being free and licened under the CC licence was really a good idea.