Elf archer

Hey guys, long time no post here.

I created this character while taking the Organic Modeling course at UNSAM, a couple of years ago. As I wasn’t very satisfied with the result, I decided to come back to the project, polish a few things and make a proper presentation.

The original work was made in Zbrush and Maya. But for this new version, I made all the polish and tweaks in Blender, except for the textures, which I paint in Substance Painter. The hair was my first serious take on Blender´s hair system, still need more practice with it but I’m overall happy with the result. I used Cycles for rendering.

Hope you guys are safe.

Feel free to check out my artstation page and my instagram.


Looks well done.

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Very good character, not hypersexualized like some elven girls we used to see in 2d and 3d art. (Who in the world would go to a battle wearing a bikini? :slight_smile:)
I think the lower part of the legs are a bit oversized and you could put a little bit of expression in the face.

But the project is very good anyway!!


beautiful work !!! i like the lighting alot !!!

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Thanks for the feedback, mate!

I tried to keep the design of the character as believable as possible, and outside of the “fan service” style seen in in this genre. I agree with you with the proportions of the legs (in fact, the problem it’s in the boots and not the anatomy itself, the legs are far thinner) and I thought to modify them; but I didnt want to spend too much time on this right now, and move on another projects.

Very well said

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you, Bart!

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