Elfic Tiara


This is the result of a challenge one of my subscribers set me: design 2 crowns, 1 for woman, 1 for man, totally in Blender 2.8
I found the idea very attractive… This is the first resulting crown, or tiara. The renders are directly out of CYCLES, I’ve just added 3 sparkles here and there. This crown is also manufacturable. The stones, sizes and design are in real proportions for 3D print.
The design was made drawing many curves, many bevels, many tapers, some sculpting. All textures and materials are from my own foto collection, the floor is actually from somewhere in London. The pillow did receive cloth simulation.

I am posting the main render, a secondary render and some views at different stages of the design.
For the next couple of weeks I will be working on the man crown, it will be a totally different design to keep the work interesting.

Low res images, 2 different views

6618x3762 1200 samples

6618x3762 1200 samples

The tiara is ready for manufacture, STL view

There is an entire video serie (4 videos) on Youtube about the making of this tiara

Some general views during the process


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Amazing! Thanks Bart, many thanks for your support and appreciation. Makes all the efforts worthwhile! Have a fun weekend!

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looks great.

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Nice, thank you.