Elisabeth : first steps in real world !


Elisabeth Warfield comes to the real world !

During Easter week end, the parking area facing my house was desert. It was the moment to take some photos to allow compositing.

A good place to put my CG vehicles. I created for my favourite character Elisabeth Warfield an helicopter Hughes 500D. The inside still lacks some details, like flight instruments, but the model is enough ready for some renders from outside.

Modelled in Blender - Rendered in Octane. Some dirt and fake reflections added in post pro.

Other images and higher resolution here :http://3d-synthesis.com/57-Hughes500D.html

Very cool. Looks great.

Very nice, the thing that pops out though is you need DOF, just a touch on the two background vehicles to match the DOF of the photo.

@NRK : I had exactly the opposite advice on Octane’s forum. I had left some DOF blur in background by accident (not saving with Zero aperture). So I corrected that. I see no DOF blur in the photo. The background image looks neat at any distance for me. The trees on the right look a bit blurred, but it is an illusion due to thin leaves, smaller than the resolution, I think, because buildings in far background are not blurred.