(Cheryl Chen) #1

I wanted to do a bit of fantasy, so here’s the alchemist, Ellie~


(anas) #2

nice work on the clothis man ,the design the composition its all amazing !!!
the hair looks amazing 2 :slight_smile:

(Cheryl Chen) #3

Thank you alf0! :smiley:

(Safetyman) #4

You are really talented and I enjoy all your work. Thanks for sharing.

(Sitag Beatmaker) #5

Wow she’s so sexy

(Cheryl Chen) #6

Thank you Safetyman :smile: I really appreciate it~

(Cheryl Chen) #7

Haha thanks Sitag :smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #8

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

(Cheryl Chen) #9

Thank you very much for the feature! :smile::smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

You’re #featured!

(Cheryl Chen) #11

Woo thank you! :smiley:

(Yashar Khanpour) #12

Very NIce!:rose::rose:

(Tarnyloo73) #13

All round excellent!

(StevenMator) #14

That’s amazing! Also remembers me of League’s Sorceress Lux skin. Congrats on being featured!

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #15

so cool! Do you have wireframe capture?

(jorge avitia ) #16

excelent job

(özgür) #17

Great work, congrats.

(MDR43Arch) #18

Impressive, magical being you have created; you certainly deserve to have her/you featured.
Now, since we know that she is an alchemiste, therefore w/ sorceress powers, can we assume that she is really 1,000 years old, & chooses to present herself as such a “modern” hottie?
Congrats, regardless.

(GOD) #19

This is amazing buddy !

(Egan T Guenthers) #20

wonderfull one