Ellie's Trip

Hola Community!
I am super happy to participate, thanks for the opportunity!
When I was looking for ideas for my render I stopped for a second at the name of the challenge: “Make a splash in Amsterdam”… I’m not one to take things literally but… it caught my attention, it had to be something related to Amsterdam, and what is it for me? Well, it’s a whole trip…
I chose to use the 2.77 which goes in that direction as well. But I needed something else, and that’s when she appears, our most recent protagonist.
The process was very special, because of the time and the pleasure of working with Blender Studio open resources.
Its difficult for me to be sociable (especially in a language that is not mine) so keeping a WIP post was a bit strange, but I wanted to participate anyway and also take the opportunity to thank you for making Blender and this community my place in the world.
With all my love,


I like how you incorporated Amsterdam in your remix. windmill, bicycle … :clap:t5: :clap:t5:

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