"Eloísa Mábili" Virtual Gallery

Ola! I developed this project to disseminate artist Eloísa Mábili (Brazilian). She is painting and lives in Brazil.
It is a simulation of a gallery which displays several paintings of the artist.

Observation: In Portuguese! It was done in the Blender 2.36. This version of Blender had support for unicode characters ISO-8859-1. Today unfortunately the Blender only supports the Unicode UTF-8. So should appear in some @ texts.

I hope you enjoy!


Up arrow = move forward
Down arrow = move back
Right arrow = move to the right
Left arrow = move to the left
Move mouse + right button = rotate / view
Left button mouse = show information
Esc = Exit

Download : http://www.4shared.com/file/31538727/2c6ac0a/Galeria_Virtual_Eloisa.html



good work :slight_smile:
if you are really looking for a job , then you will have to convert your games into english :slight_smile: .

I think you are right!

My English is very bad! One of the reasons I have registered with blenderartists is to train my English.
One my friend who speaks good English was to translate the texts of this for me.:rolleyes: I have much desire to translate this project:yes:.

Muito bem!!
Your English is better than mine!
Quite well done, technically good…a little camera problem? the view goes
behind the canvas, maybe not important?
Now, the “gallery/atmosphere/style/architecture”…looks more like a funerary agency… :slight_smile:
But it’s not important too, maybe.
Good work!


The camera is with some minor problems. I tried to create my own script to control the camera with the mouse, in consequence achieve spoil some things.

When I have a new project I will post here …:yes::yes::yes: