Elsa from frozen.

I KNOW, I KNOW, this is not something you haven’t seen before and it is old. I have decided to post it anyway. Whatever.

So a long while back i started making this thing. The eyebrows and eyelashes are abominable (so are the ears), and I have just given up all hope of being able to recreate her hair. I have come to realize that I can’t compete with Disney. So i will leave you with this. If you have any tips feel free to post them.

EDIT: I just realized that the eyebrows didn’t show up when i rendered it. Weird.
Anyway. Here is a (not so close) closeup.

Looking great so far! Good luck with it. I’ll be watching closely :slight_smile:

Here is an image of her with eyebrows. Ignore the thing below her. It is not meant to be there.