Elsa of Frozen

Hello Hello, privyet! Today, I’d like to show you guys what I was working on.
After I saw Frozen, I think I instantly fell in Love with a certain queen.
Yes, she is one we all know well and good, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, or The Snow Queen.
Now, she is now my favorite character of all. I think I looked all around the internet, and I could not find single recreation of Elsa.
So I just had to do it. And I am planning to upload it on Blender Swap in near future.
And If I can I will make Anna as well because I love Anna as much as Elsa but… I like Elsa alittle bit more.
So here are the pictas!!!

Please comment below, ask any questions.

this is another I forgot to upload.

So glad you’ve decided to model and rig her! I’d love to animate it when you’re done. Looking forward to the final model. Good Luck

Thank you I will try to finish it in next week. I really wish there are more Elsa, but oh well…
Here’s little extra:

Looking really good. Can’t wait to see how it comes out in the end.

I plan on doing Elsa as well, but in her blue snowflake dress, which should be cool.

Certainly looks superior to her model in Disney Infinity.

Are you working from references or are you just making it from mind? I’ve seen people do it before.

P.S. This is way better than any Elsa model in the universe, minus Disney’s.

Did you upload it to BlenderSwap? Do you have a link? Thanks, and sorry for resurrecting an old thread.