Elsa's sister

Hi all!
I want to share with you my lastest work. I wanted to practice modeling hair but I went further and made this.
Cycles, 700 samples, photoshop. Opinions are very welcome :slight_smile:
Here’s new version :wink: What do you think?

Old version:

this skin shader makes her look kinda scary, but the hair is really great! although somehow it looks almost dusty ^^

nice model , bad colors and materials , look at it, thats make me scared . xD

a little tip, search for uncanny valley and you will know why people are scared!

Maybe when look from a distance. One kid said that she’s pretty, but here’s version before photoshoping :slight_smile:
Hope it’s better. If it is I’ll change thumbnail :stuck_out_tongue:

just a 5min gimp edit, take a look how it should be.

So… Her skin is too pale. I downloaded this skin shader http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/76297, and it’s rendering. When my computer calculate it I’ll put new skin on her (sounds creepy). I saw uncanny valley. She doesn’t look like a corpse (maybe I’m kind of resistant for this).

its more abbout color correction not shader, add a more saturated tone on the skin, a less saturated on lips and the makeup must be soft, with less contrast to the skin tone.

also the eyebrowns must be blured becouse your fur have some imperfections.
and about the fur color, she is a blonde girl so you need a brown fur not black. xD

for a quick result you can tweak it on node post effects editor and no need keep re-rendering each time you change something.

You should use better shaders and make the eyes real (not just simple spheres) maybe Subsurface Scattering for the skin will work. If you share the .blend file I can try to correct the skin material and the eyes

I followed your advices and there she is :wink:

Close, but I think the skin it’s not real enough, I think you need something like this or maybe increase the SSS scale.

Also, the eyes are really important, here’s a link about how real eyes should look like:

And a test of how an eye should look like

no, don’t get into the eyes. Disney eyeballs can not be copied by Blender

About skin I can’t agree. It has to be like this because there’s no light source behing her to be scattered, and also more realistic skin would make her creepier according to uncanny valley theory. About eyes I don’t understand what do you mean NuclearBoofluff, because eyes need some depth which I took from them using emission shader :stuck_out_tongue:

this be some uncanny valley stuff, really got my attention tho

I made some textures, redone eyes material and added some norwegian rosemaling design “snow magic”.

Much better! Congrats

Hello! This is very awesome model :slight_smile: Can I ask you a question? Can you give me this ice background? Thank you!

Hi, thanks :slight_smile: About the background: google images and type “disney frozen background”, and you’ll find what you need.