Elysiun.com is really untidy :(

(MarMo) #1

We cannot update works in gallery.
The news on top page are very old :(, links too.
Maybe you can add tutorials with www.blendr.nl ? Elysiun.com has to be center of the Blender in the World.

Ok. Whot are you thing about?

(S68) #2

You know,

last months have been very buisy in freeing Blender source.

in the meantime a new site was born (www.blender.org) and this
slowed down the restyling of Elysiun…

hold on… new will come


(Timothy) #3

wait and see, next week will be cool for elYsiun :slight_smile:

What I can promise for next week:

  • new elYsiun design
  • new article content management system
  • new forum design, integrated with elysiun design

What I can promise between now and xmas

  • new gallery system
  • new links section (including tutorial links section)
  • new contest system

What I hope to provide in the future

  • galleries open for all members
  • image inclusion on the forum
  • avatars
  • other cool stuff


(hannibar) #4
  • new elYsiun design

It will still be orange and grey right?

(Bapsis) #5

I think this site has been awesome!!! I’m very happy with the most important aspect of this site, which is the community. All the other stuff is just icing. :wink:
But maybe you could build something better, i dare you to try!!! :wink:

Kib has done a brilliant job and i dont think i would ever post a topic like that, its ok to say what you said, but it could have been re-worded in a nicer way, you dont want to hurt Kib’z feelings do you??? :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(bmax) #6

ni badz taki “w goracej wodzie kapany”! spoko…gdybys zwracal uwage co sie dzieje w swiecie blender’a, to bys wiedzial o co sie rozchodzi!! nie narzekaj zanim sie nie poinformowales jaki jest ku temu powod!

a teraz, pa.

(ben999995) #7

you should just have your tutorial link to valarking’s site as it is the best one i have found.

(MarMo) #8

Wiem, fundacja, zrodla, itd. Ale to juz pol roku temu mieli poprawic/zmienic galerie. Zreszta przynajmniej juz wiemy kiedy sie mozna spodziewac zmian.

(I’m sorry for no english post)

(scrappy) #9

OOOOooooo!!! new site next week…sweet:) if it is the little preview you showed some of us in #BlenderChat, its gonna look awesome!!!

(CubeFan973) #10


New Elysiun!

When will the next CJ come? You guys said it would coincide with the sources being released, and we still don’t have it. If Goofster is too lazy to do it, get someone else to.

(Timothy) #11

my feelings are unhurtable :slight_smile:

seriously though, I know I will never be able to please everyone. There will always be people who dislike, or really detest some features or lack there of. So basicly I check the negative comments on wether or not I feel the same way about them,… if I do it’s time to fix it,… if I don’t then too bad :slight_smile:

Tutorial Links:
Well I will not link to valar kings site mainly because I feel we can do much better (no offence though). The new links system will be written in php aswell,… and everyone will be able to submit links automaticly. There will be subgroups, descriptions, etc. The whole system will also be searchable.

About the CJ:
Well both Goofster and I had a pretty busy conference, so the CJ was really impossible to do. Right now Goofster has a CJ ready!! But I am too lazy to use the current cms system to put it online. Thus the new CJ will probably be released this week aswell.

New design:
Yes it will still be orange and grey, but with some new colors aswell :slight_smile: