elYsiun.com Update

Hey everyone,

I thought it was time to give a small update on elYsiun.com and what I hope will happen in the future.

Today I finally found a sponsor for elYsiun.com forwhich I am very happy. I will be putting up advertisement banners on each page of elYsiun.com to help bring in some money to pay for the server costs. You will see the first banners appearing tonight, and more will appear tomorrow.
Please not that paypal donations are still happily accepted, this has been another expensive month for me because I had to buy some server parts and had to update and transfer my domain name.

Community Banners
You may have noticed at the bottem of each page on the forum I host a Community Banners. These banners are free for every website that provides a service for the Blender Community. If you run a site like that, and are interested in putting your banner on elYsiun.com please make a banner and e-mail me.
Please keep in mind that the banner has to be 468x60 pixels, JPG format and has to look good.

Furthermore I am planning some aditional changes to elYsiun.com soon. I hope to make the general site a bit more interactive, but mostly I hope to improve my content management system so that I can appoint a couple of people with the ability to add their own news items etc. But more on this next week.
I’ve had some plans for a while now to add some kind of image hosting services to elYsiun.com aswell. I hope the advertisement will pay enough money for me to be able to set this up and support this.

This was it for now.

Timothy Kanters

p.s. Thanks for everyone’s support, and special thanks to the forum moderators who’ve been doing a excellent job sofar.

Keep up the great work. Glad you found a sponsor. What are you charging for banner display if you don’t mind my asking. I could maybe help you with a sponsor or two. E-mail me off list if thats confidential info.

Hey again everyone,

Just now I also updated the forum to a newer version. If you see any issues anywhere please let me know.


Hey Thimoty.

If you’re paid by the click, I’ll pledge for 10 clicks a day.

/me agrees :slight_smile:


I too wonder about how much you would charge for a banner ad.

My compliments on the site too. :smiley:

I get payed per click,…

click trough rates are different per banner.

And clicking I do ! Mmmmm… air matresses…

And clicking I do ! Mmmmm… air matresses…[/quote]

Earth Drop herbal bath soap…

…with essential oils…


Keep up the good work my man! 8)