elYsiun to host votings of contests?

(Timothy) #1


For the new elYsiun I was thinking of also adding a contests page. I have the following ideas:

  1. Everyone can open a contest, but every contest will have to be approved by a moderator. (goofster??)

  2. The contest is defined by a single paged description of the contest this may include fields for (a online template will be provided so that every contest looks and feels a bit the same):

  • title
  • introduction
  • rules
  • prizes
  • opening date / deadline
  • conclusion / summary / goodluck wishes
  1. Everyone will be able to submit entries to the contest:
  • By uploading the final image (which they will be able to change over the duration of the contest, but every member can only submit a single image for each contest).
  • By linking to their animation hosted on their own webspace (elYsiun is not yet in a position were it could host all animations submitted to a contest).
  1. After the deadline has expired no entries can be entered in the contest anymore. And voting will commence once the contest holder activates the voting procedure

  2. Every member will have 10 votes to distribute over the contestants (or perhaps all 10 on a single contestant).


Now basicly I would like to ask you to comment on these ideas.
Do you like them? dislike them? would like to add something extra?

let me know


(S68) #2

Great idea!!!

Sounds good

Good, expecially the possibility to host images on elysium… now you have your new image resizing class :slight_smile: But I think that the possibility of submitting 1 entry per person is too strict. I would say that to have the contest proposer decide which is the maximum number of allowable entry would be better…


Good! much better than a plain poll… how much afterthought will you allow? (I mean, if I give 4 points to theeth and 4 to eeshlo and then I realize that malefico’s work deserves more than the 2 points I have left can I take back one or two of the olready assigned points?

This suggestion does not sound an easy programming task…

oh yes, and multiple voting is nice too! Goofster idea of assigning points for originality, composition etc. was pretty nice


(WeirdHat) #3

That was my idea, not Goofster’s.

But I sort of stole it from the IRTC… soooo… :slight_smile:

As for Kib_Tph’s idea… well… I suppose some people might find it useful, but I enjoyed having my contest on my own website. Perhaps there could be an option of whether to use elYsiun or your own site.

(Timothy) #4

sounds good to me yes. Though in this case I also think uploading of images should take place on that website. This way the contest page for these contests on elYsiun would be more of an announcement sort of thing. So you can have all contests in a single place, and those actually hosted by elYsiun will have the image submitting, and voting options in place.

Thanks and Greets,

(Timothy) #5

K, but I will have to set somekind of maximum, perhaps something like 5 or 10. (as a webmaster I don’t find it smart not to have a maximum on a image uploading page).

It’s fairly simple for me to program, it will just use some creativeness in the database design, but it would be manageable, and I think it’s a good idea to have some flexibility in voting yes.

Hmm this in combination with your previous suggestion makes it a bit harder again :). I will have to think about wether or not to include this option, since I find it less important than your previous suggestion I might have to do some economic decision making ;).

Thanks and Greets,

(bogbean) #6

I too think this is a good idea.
At the moment with the weekend competition it tends to mostly be one or two entries that get nearly all the votes and a lot end up with zero. At least this way the others should at least end up with a few points.

I don’t like the idea of points for different categories, like compostion, originality etc. It makes it a lot harder to vote - and some people may just not bother. It’s a lot easier just to have a load of points that you can assign to the entries.

(DigitalMark) #7

lol defynatly Monkeyframers :wink: [/i]