Email your intergalactic friends

This site
Is going to be beaming messages into space to a star 45 light years away.
You can send an email according to the site.
Pretty cool if you ask me. :slight_smile:
Now, all I need to do is figure out a message that might mean something

Send us (over the internet or by post) your texts, sounds, images, videos, etc. and together we will make up a new message that will travel far and wide! Collected by the Post Office and at, your contributions will be published on the website and then sent into the depths of space… and several of them will be featured on television during the CosmicConnexion programme on ARTE !

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That’s simple.
“All your base are belong to us”.

i wonder what the aliens would think of this…

“There’s intelligent life down there, that must mean they have good resources! Lets go steal them and wipe out their race NARHARHARHARHARHAR!!!”

I would hope that cosmic thinking isn’t limited to a human’s perspective, that would be really scary!

The messages would take about 45 years to reach the star, just so you know.

It would be cool to send sound some clips of people singing, and pictures of people.