embarrassing question

is there a way for me to get an object out of one .blend project and move it to another. I made a good model and saved it but then in another project i built the level he should go in. I’m an idiot so please answer in a way i can understand. Thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question.

Hi block head

Not a stupid question, but often asked. You can use the search link (and save yourself the embarrasment).

What you are looking for is called appending. Press Shift + F1 and choose the file you want to import from. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out.

And then when you have selected the file you want, you should click ‘Object’ first , then select the name of whichever mesh you want.
If you only select the name of the mesh you want, you will not get any ‘Object’ data like material and so on.
Also, when you click on ‘load library’ to complete the append procedure,
Blender does not confirm or anything like that, and you might not see the mesh that you’ve just appended because it goes on the same layer number that it was on in the original file.
So if you don’t remember where it was, check all the layers.