Ember Titan


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here getting too busy on the pro side ( anyway :slight_smile: )

As I can’t really handle my animation on my current station (building a new one ASAP), and as I’ve slightly changed the battle coregraphy (can’t handle multiple warriors fight, too difficult for me).

I’ve decided to add this character to the scenario… A 4 metters tall enemy that will rise from the ground.

I will add excesive spikes on its shoulder later on, I’ve already tested them and it will look way more agressive.
I need to deeply revise the hands but, here is the rough sculpt.


So here, it is and I will call it finished as I need to move forward on other projects and animation.
Hope you’ll enjoy it.


Here are some progress, still have some to do with sculpting and then I will make a vidéo with retopo/contour addon to review the workflow, with these new tools.

I’m pretty happy with its back and the arms.

Could you add another model next to the titan, like a simple human figure, to help visualize its scale? I mean 4 meters sounds big, try to show it somehow. Otherwise looking cool, nice modeling and all :slight_smile:

Base sculpt finaly done. I’ve just started retopo…

Here is the retopo, partially done with the RetopoFlow addon.
The addon didn’t turn super handy on this model as the surfaces are really too iregular.

pierrick great design. i like that you build in structures that unify with the previous two designs… it appears to me too, that on complicated meshes good old hand retopo in blender is still the quickest to get optimal results…

Hi Doris,

Thanks. Yes I’m trying to keep it quite homogeneous as he will take part in the short animation as a second enemy so…
I will first run into a good artwork with him and the Orck and we’ll see how animation goes then.

Looks amazing! Good job

I’ve just made a little test render, posing him with a shape key as I’m running out of time to rig it for the time being.

He’s quite cool but the lava shading is too pronounced I believe.

This looks great! Loving it :smiley:

wow looks awesome :slight_smile:

yes, cool! i agree, the lava would probably better if it were less prominent. the smoke however is just perfect. love it.

Fantastic as always, pieriko!

Shaderwise I like especially how you emphasized the beveling with the stone shader. Very nice. I’m unsure about the lava. It makes a nice contrast as it is now, but it also seems to be a little bit too bright. Perhaps you could dial it down a bit to make the details in the lava come out more clearly.

And this is exactly why you are my favourite artist on this forum ! Absolutely phenomenal Pieriko !

Hi Doris, on it´s way.

Minoribus, so pleased to see you here. As Doris agreed, lava shader s***s but I’ve made big improvement on it and renders are done. Will post them later tonight or tomorow morning without all this cheating post prod so that people can give better advise on the shading.
base render looks really good (teasing :o )

I plan to work with simulations for smoke and lava drops as I’ve necer really worked on this in depth.
i will try to make a nice illustration with him and the orck to feed the project while I’m still working on the animation.

hi Danny, thanks for the kind words.

So, Here are the new renders.
The lava is way better, allowing thin details to appear, I like the colour variation.

slight Post prod in AfterEffect, no cheating here :o

… and the other views.


Wow, looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see where you take this!

So, I’ve recorded this little timelapse using the retopoflow in part.
I believe polystrips was not the perfect solution for this very character as it was too bumpy.

Retopoflow is a very good addon whatever, here are some points and wishlist I would like to inlight :

  • The help menu is very handy and really help getting the shortcuts and advise ASAP
  • The addon is pretty stable even if I met one or 2 bugs (temporary mesh getting duplicated then polystrip stops working : “Can’t use raytracing to project…”
  • You need to build the outline strips to be able to use the patch function. that would be nice if we could select existing mesh strip and draw the additional ones. If possible, I havn’t find the trick.
  • Contour works as expected, very handy and easy to use. The only thing I would advise is to display the number of cuts near the drawed line as for polystrips to make both tools more homogeneous and readable.

As I believe it uses most of blender snaping process, enhancing polystrips behaviour must be a pain, but that would be nice if it was a little less jaggy on folding surfaces and doesn’t project on isolated meshes with alt+B (I believe it won’t be possible). Using mask modifier on the sculpted mesh is a very good way to efficiently isolate mesh part without having trouble with hiden surfaces.

Time saved : I think it depends, on this particular case I gues that was 20 to 30% time saved, but as shown on demo video, I think this score can be drasticaly enhanced.

Value for money : The addon suit is a bit expensive compared to most of the addon available on the CookieMarket but… :

  • If you’re a professional modeler, then you will armotise its cost in 2 days max. the time saved, the eveness of the topology generated and its ease of use make it a must have.
  • If your an hobyist, well, it depends on what you can afford but if you do a lot of sculpting based modeling you should really look into it. the time saved is seriously valuable and that’s a better invest than the latest PS4 game I believe :wink:

So Even if I met some problem, I know there are still people hard working on this and this addon is a must have and should definitively be added to blender trunk. I’d give it a 9/10.

That model is seriously smokin’…:eek: very, very nice work! I like that some of the areas look a bit painterly as well?:slight_smile: