Embergen vdb file scaling and pivot offset issues, anything solved, tips?

Embergen seem to have had a bug for quite a while, or simply not a proper origin pivot system that dedicates the origin for the vdb container to be at zero origin, when importing the vdb to blender or vdb.

I guess they may still be working on that, but if there´s a solution out there that Ivé not seen…I would gladely take any notes on this.

Both scaling and position of pivot is off, scaling I can understand, but the hardest part is when the imported vdb isn´t coming in with it´s own container centered to it´s origin pivot.

And I can´t see there´s a way to adjust any pivot for a vdb container manually to be centered at volume bounding of the vdb container.

A bummer, considering when I use lightwave for gas solver to vdb to blender, the pivot is centered, and vice versa, when I simulate a fluid vdb from blender to lightwave, it is centered in lightwave, it´s just the rotation that needs to be fixed…but with Embergen, it´s export of a proper pivot centering is failing everywhere.