Fears proved to be unfounded, for the Frighteners of the Fields were nothing more than lights and wires. And so, one by one, the crows felt free again to spread their rusty wings and reclaim the sky once believed to be forever lost.


This is my non-participating entry for WC 259.

When I picked the topic (“Scarecrow”) on Friday, I first had in mind to do something more conventional and contemporary, but I couldn’t find much of a story that interested in that, so I wound up going this route, and I’m glad I did =) It turned out to be pretty exciting to create once I had the story in place.

Created and rendered in Blender 2.44 with a contrast tweak around the edges in post.

Hope you like it!


ooooooh thats cool :smiley:

Wow, I really like this one RobertT. Great lighting…I don’t know, this is a great one imo.

Back to the old style, I see.:wink: Nonetheless, it’s original. Nice job.

Love all the blue in this one. And those are pretty kick ass eyes. :cool:

Really like this one, good job.

Y’see - This is why I prefer to enter the animation contests - I don’t have to compete with RobertT :sunglasses:
Very nicely done!

Absolutely Awesome! Very cool. The scarecrow reminds me of one of those glowing pumpkin things from halloween.

I really like this image! the lighting is fantastic, and the materials are superb.

Great stuff RobertT

Ammusionist: Nice new avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

because your better than me lol…
nah looks heaps good man… liken your work…

Fantastic piece! Especially the lighting. The head look real.

you are awesome.
end of post.

Very cool :slight_smile:
how many time you need to build it all?

Your moodiest ever piece IMO. And now it my favorite made by you, i like it more than your robot bird.

5 stars.

Definitely my favorite, right before the fish out of fish one.

5 stars, and well earned

Taking a second look at this, I notice it has a LOT of depth… very nice. I’m liking this more and more.:eyebrowlift:

love it.

Very nice, I love the lighting ;), and the face is awsome. At first I thought that the birds were dolphins :wink: :D.

Great Job!

Very nice lightning and you allways seem to make something out of a pile of scrap. No offense, but it’s a compliment. Elot of elements are very close to what @ndy had in his piece recently. Junk, metal, scrap, neon, and so on. Not that it matters, it’s just interesting.

Brilliant piece, and amazed that this is for the weekend challenge, you’ll win for sure here.

As has been stated by others, this is one of the best of yours I have seen, definately the best this year; great image!!

Sweet… a gagillion stars :slight_smile: