Embossed Lettering

I came across some embossed lettering while modelling a valve system and wanted to hear your opinions on the best way to tackle it?

I’m trying to keep it all one piece if possible but I suspect embossed lettering would be a nightmare to attach to the mesh. I do want it to look like it’s stamped onto the object/part of the mesh, though.

My idea was, Text to mesh> Shrinkwrap mod> then arrange the verts by hand to make them “merge” with the main mesh, any better ideas?

This could be a way, in the first step. But i think you have to apply the modifiers and smooth it out by hand. Cant get it smooth with modifiers on. Perhaps another user knows a way to fix it.
double_shrinkwrap.blend (985.9 KB)

another way is just to convert to mesh subdivide a little and
shrinkwrap it on the object
then you could join it
then apply it

should look good like this

happy bl