Embryonic Head

Anyways fellas, this is my head model, in which all my human characters will be based, in some of my up-coming animation shorts. I’m kinda new at blender, Only started a month ago. Be easy on the critisism, I got this from a tutorial. tried to give it my own style. Its suppose to be cartoony, and the eye lids stick out far so as to not merge with the eye balls, only because I had trouble with this when I was doing blinks with relative vertex keys.

embryonic head

face animation with relative vertex keys

face with eyes implanted…

I’m having trouble with hair and eyebrows, I haven’t added the gums, or teeth yet.

I would really appreciate any help with the hair and eyebrows, I tried to do it using particles, but they just didn’t flow like hair… you know what i mean… err.


oh, also, those aren’t renders, just screenshots from with the blender window…