Emd sd70m

Hi, this is my first serious Blender work, I started the project in 3d Canvas, but later decided that I liked Blender more. (~50,000 triangles)

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It’s looking really nice so far; more people will probably end up looking at it if you add an attachment in addition to the link :wink: Keep it up!

Hiya, I have finished the model, and it is around 78000 triangles (for those who do care.) Alot of the newer detail was put into the trucks (bogeys if you’re not American).

:O!! This is an AMAZING model! I’m jealous… lol! This is one of my favorites I’ve seen on here so far! keep it up

It’s got all those triangles?? Aren’t triangles a bad thing in modeling? or do you mean polygons?
How many verticies does it have?

I love it, it reminds me of something I made awhile back. Just a couple of things I think would improve it would be smoothing the front and the gas tank out a bit. Other than that it looks great keep up the great work.