Emission object blocking other emission object

I have a moon emission object and a light bulb emission object, but for some reason when the moon is visible, it “turns off” the light bulb emission, any ideas what’s happening?

File is too big to post, but I think I had this problem a couple years ago, I just can’t remember how I fixed it.

Try playing with MIS for the light sources. Otherwise, I’d recommend rendering out in passes and simply adding them together in post. Differently sized light sources can tend to “compete” with each other wrt how the sampler works. Same can happen if using a big area light and a tiny flash at the same time.

Hey Carl thanks, I have to ask, what is MIS?

The bulb and moon are actually opposite sides of a building so not really shining on the same area, the moon was just to shine a little light through some cracks.

Multi Importance Sampling. Should be there somewhere in the light settings.
For the moon, I recommend using a sun lamp. If you need to see the moon, make it visible to camera only - the sun lamp will do all the actual lighting. Lamps are superior to emission geometry. Use it whenever you can.

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Yeah, I thought that as well, but I noticed a lot of people use emissions, the bulb has to be emission because it will be in view, but you’re right I’ll just use a sun lamp for the moon.

Black body is good with lamps as well? I like that node you get some good colours.

You can still set the bulb emission to be camera only using nodes, and let the point light to the lighting. I’m “always” using black body as per light specification. Sometimes IES texture. If you “just want colors”, then just use the color wheel as normal. Black body is for getting the correct relation between different kinds of lights and/or relation with sun & sky light.
Blue for night is a pretty standard approach to night shots, but for mixed lighting I suggest doing it on the light side or as separate passes if done in post. Blue for night doesn’t provide any Purkinje effect, but I don’t know how to set that up properly in the first place - but it has to be done in post.