Emission with outlines

Hi guys,

I have an object, a block, using emission shader. I would like to create a material where the emission is the same, but the edges of the material also show up. Much like when using freestyle or some sort of cell shader, only not as strong and I would like it to be for the specific material only, not for the entire scene / all objects.

Any ideas would be nice, as a hobby blenderer I have no clue where to even begin…


Hm, nobody? I thought it was just my inexperience with Blender…

just use a shader like diffuse and mix with some emission !

mind you if have very strong emission it will drown the shader !

happy bl

Google “cycles wireframe shader”. It may point you in the right direction.

With a high vertex density, pointiness node or using dirty vertex colors may be an option. Alternately, just UV-map and paint manually. (That may be hitting it with a hammer, but sometimes a hammer still works best.) Some older node based methods of making a wireframe may also work. (However wireframe texture node treats everything as tris, so it’s of limited use.)

I haven’t tried this, but I believe you can do this in the Compositor. Take a Render Layer of the main object, give it a hard Blur of a couple pixels, and set that underneath the unchanged Render Layer of the main object. That should display an outline, although it will only be outside the edges of the object, and not on top of or inside. You should also be able to change the color of the outline Render Layer with a color node or two.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.