Emissive mapping visible in realtime view

Hi there, I have question about emissive mapping and its appearance in realtime blender view. The only tutorial I’ve found about it is this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crMxJ6Ge1jE but it doesn’t work for me. Somehow the result isn’t the same. Initially I thought that I just need to create b&w texture with white places where I want my light to emit. But this doesn’t work either. When I set my texture and check Emit instead of Color, whole material stars shining, not just parts of it. Any idea? Is it even possible to see emissive maps in blender game engine? /for record, my rendering method is set on Blender Game and Shading set on GLSL

Hmm, its seems like it doesn’t work anymore, or does someone have any idea?