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why don’t you stop this spamming and just put your posts in one damn thread??

Lol it’s a bot. It makes a new post when we finish the contest. that’s #smc for ya.

What kwikker said, it’s how smc works. That’s precisely why it has its own dedicated section.

As previously posted there is a bot in the #smc channel on freenode that posts these automatically. Also as far as im aware of there is no forum software (again to my knowledge) that has a add poll to single posts in a single thread built-in. Granted there could be add-on’s for vbulletin or others.
Also in terms of really running it like that wouldn’t be ideal as you wouldn’t really be able to discuss that smc that was done if all the other ones were in the same thread. you’d have to scroll through alot of smc’s in between the discussions of a particular one. Also you’d most likely run into page load times too since it has to load through alot of smc’s and we’d have to impose image size limits and res limits. (though the common sense rule is dont be a jerk when uploading to the speedmodeling server anyway)