Empty and Copy Rotation Issue

i have a problem with two ‘empty’ objects and an applied ‘copy rotation’ constraint.
The theory:

  • ‘Empty’ A should rotatete 180 degrees
  • ‘Empty’ B in the same time 90 degrees
    My ideas was to apply a ‘copy rotation’ constraint to ‘empty’ B with its target ‘empty’ A and the constraint influence set to 0.5

The practice:
I rotate ‘empty’ A and ‘empty’ B is following nicely until 179 degrees. After that ‘empty’ B jumps 180 degrees and messes up the mesh.

I know i can animate easily both ‘empties’ seperately, but thats not the question.

The question is:
Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Why does it occur?


i would think the 180 degree issue is what we all see because of quadrahedron notation used internal to represent rotation. At least, I think it’s called that. Anyway, for the parent, set your Ipo curve to Extend mode extrapolate, and make sure it rotates smoothly through 360 degrees. I think your child will be properly influenced then.