Empty (download available)

A visual portrayal of one of the most difficult stages that artists and creators go through. Can you relate? :slight_smile:

More info (HD renders and behind the scenes) at http://bit.ly/1yjdNWL


As a sign of my gratitude, I’m giving away the jar and sharpies model for you to use however you wish. Get them here http://bit.ly/1J6jyY9

Have fun and Happy Blending! :slight_smile:

Very cool. The attention to detail, specially the flying particles catching the light, is top notch. Well done!

I can’t realy relate to the blank page effect that some people say they suffer as I don’t remember ever had this fealing. But we all start a creation from a blank page, I can relate as the start of somthing new.

The realism is very impressive.

it looks nice but your grunge is too excessive and you seem to have markers intersecting faces with the glass

The image composition is great. Of course it delivers strong emotion.

Great job! I feel this is your best work! And yes, I can relate. :slight_smile: I also like the grunge.

I’m usually not a fan of the ‘film’ tonemapping option in Cycles, but you managed to make it work real well for this scene.

Yes, I can see that, you have made so many images already that you are struggling for entirely new ideas (or you have ideas, but you don’t feel like doing anything). More recently I’ve been getting a feel for just being completely useless and just not do anything at all (and that isn’t just related to doing art, but doing anything).

Nice image, simple yet haunting.

I believe as artists, we have to go through this phase, no matter what. It’s what makes us vulnerable - to emotions and ideas - thus leading to better stories and outputs. You’ll be fine. :wink:

It’s a nice composition and I like the lighting. But in my opinion the shadows are too bright - and show too little detail (particulary the shadows of the pens). Photographs taken under such a light situation often show very dark shadows. BUT: Maybe I’m totally wrong and my monitor is adjusted too bright …

Very real! Love the composition! Keep it up!

All I can say is WOW? Are the particles in the air volumetric? Or post-process? Does render for too long, I avoid it because my computer is weak and I don’t have the necessary time to render it.

The dusts are planes with alpha-masked hand-drawn textures distributed through a Particle System. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Very cool Very real!