En masse visibility: spreadsheet for viewing display/visibility options in Blender?

I spend 'wayyy too much time trying to figure out why I can’t see a specific element in Blender. Because of the “one-at-a-time” nature of the UI it can be challenging to track down which of the dozens of ways to screw oneself over one has elected to utilize at this time.

–Just now I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t see a particular element. Was it Hidden? No. “Local” 'd? No. It turned out to be set to “wireframe object visibility”.

OK, fine, but it is quite laborious to click thru all the element to see this particular setting. What I’d prefer is a sort of spreadsheet that would display (and allow me to set) the various visibility options of multiple elements, ALL SIMULTANEOUSLY.
(Lightwave users: I’m describing the Scene Editor)

Anything like that on the horizon?

Ideally, this would include:

  • all the visibility states in the Outliner
  • individual “Object-level” states, “viewport display” stuff
  • whether LOCAL was engaged or not

Even better would be the ability to “paint” the checkboxes for all this stuff, as one can do with Photoshop/AE layers.