Encapsulating related gameObjects

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Hi! How can I encapsulate related objects for exporting? By example, i have a hierarchy consisting in two meshes (a human body and an armor) as children of an armature, and the armature as children of a mesh with all vertices removed that serves as physical support (because armatures can’t have a material). I want to find a way to merge then as a single logical unit so when I create a new file and load the topmost object (the mesh without vertices) from the first file (as a library, with Shift + F1) all the children objects are loaded too. I thinked of loading the entire scene they are, but it seems too ‘dirty’… there is another way?

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(xhyldazhk) #3

I only want to library load seamlessly entire hierarchies of objects from a file, without having to load individual components of the hierarchy one by one.

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heh, I know what you mean, but i cant help you, im a vb/c++ programmer not python. Check www.pygames.org

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With append you can load multiple objects at a time by using the RIGHT mouse button rather than the left. I don’t think there is a way to do what you want to do.