Encoding Blender Animations for SVCD

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Hi this is an interesting piece from the mjpegtools forum. A tutorial for Encoding AVI to mpeg svcd.
BTYW Cinelerra 1.0 is out and it’s fantastic. We need to start a Linux Multimedia Forum here.



http://www.heroinewarrior.com (cinelerra)

(basse) #2

heh… funny thing … I’m not sure if you grabbed my post there, but I was the one that asked some help on AVI RAW / AVI JPEG’s that blender procudes… I cannot really do anything decent with them… wrong interlaces, or no interlaces at all… anyways… this guy mailed me that very same address :slight_smile:

and thanks for the cinelerra news! didn’t know that!


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Have you seen this one too? It works, although a little tedious.
I’m recording output of realtime engine on one machine straight to my capture card on another machine and recording / editing in Cinelerra (QT for linux yuv (or yuva for chromakey) 16 bit 480x480 and it looks great. Having an encoding problem from MOV to mpeg2 with Mjpegtools now :frowning: It’s almost ready for prime time…

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basse, we where talking about fields yesterday and this page
I found from above link, maybe it will help you even more:


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Check it out, VCD image (mpeg1 352x240) Chromakey test in cinelerra. Balls were soft keyed over background. If you burn it to a disk it should (it does mine) play in a dvd player. A newer one that supports vcd/svcd.

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Hello pannomatte!!!

Wow!!! Do I really see some changes since our last chat on the subject, or are my eyes playing tricks on me???

Man!!! Really good job!!! :smiley:


I think we should ask Kib, to start that Multimedia forum. Maybe a forum on multimedia on general, with some special section about Linux and multimedia, would be a really excellent idea…

I am downloading that keyblur25.mpg to take a look at it right now. I’ll tell you my opinion when I see it…

Really nice to hear from you again. And all that stuff…

Thanks pannomatte…


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Hello again!!!

I’ve watched the keyblur25.mpg video…

You’ve done a wonderful job there.

cinelerra rocks…