Encoding problem

When I set an animation using format MPEG & mpeg-4 encoding, Blender 2.70 Official
changes it to mpeg-2 which creates a .dvd file (?)

Sometimes it will actually creates the mp4, though not sure why it does or doesn’t.

Most of the time I animate using jpg sequences if it’s critical, but for animations taking < 1/2hr I’ve been
having Blender just create an mp4 which is small, but plays well and virtually no loss in quality.

I’ve only had the problem with 2.70 Official. (the screen shot is of the gui set to mpeg-4, and the
I checked the output is actually mp4 though the gui says mpeg-2)


Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thanks :confused:

If I am rendering to a movie style output file I typically use MOV on OSX or AVI on Windows. On Windows I recommend installing the xVid codec and using that for MP4 output.

The same exact version of Blender works perfectly on a different machine.

Maybe this one is corrupted somehow? I’ll download a fresh one and re-install
keeping my prefs.

BTW, I downloaded xVid, but don’t see any difference in the quality…maybe it
was already installed.

Installed 2.70a Official (f93bc76) & keeping the config & scripts folders from the previous version.

So far, runs perfectly. :smiley: