End grain

I’ve got this end grain texture, but can’t seem to find a good node setup to use it with an other wood texture.

Someone any idea?

See if information here could help - this however is done all procedurally. Mapping could stretch image border pixels, but then you’d need to take care distorting nicely which probably would end in the same complexity of nodes.
As to adding another image via nodes and sticking believably, idk, guess, image editing would be only way to do it.

Definitely looks awesome eppo!

The thing is I have over 50 wood textures that I would like to combine it with.
I want to give my customers a realistic looking render of the furniture they are buying, but the end grain is always missing. But they are buying solid wood not a veneer. So I would like to combine it with those wood textures.

This is how far I got

But this is using the end grain as bump

Tiny bit less prominent (less contrast?) and you’re almost there.

Is that procedural approach available somewhere? I tried following it a while back, and I’ve managed to duplicate some things he did not explain, but failed the stuff he explained.

This is the node setup I used:

Have you tried to set Non Color Data on end grain image node? This sometimes gives better result compared to bw.

@ CarlG: File, i assume is based on Bartek Skorupa’s work, is available in YT vid comments i posted above.

Thanks. Can’t believe I didn’t check the comments :slight_smile: I want to see if I can make it random without/in addition to the random input. I.e. using the bricks shader random color or other procedural patterns that generate random colors per tile/shape.