End of the World scene - Zombies Attack

Useful links:http://3dmieszkolacinski.blogspot.co.uk/

The idea to create this post apocalyptic scene came to me after watching andrew’s tutorial on www.blenderguru.com. I didn’t use his starter file or objects used in his tutorial. The original blend file has 200MB it’s caused big amount of ivy’s in the scene and 2 particle systems on the floor(final number of vert 3mln./ in the view port 1mln.). Almost every texture on the scene has a texture from cgtextures and that’s why you won’t find any in the rar file on the Blendswap.com. Sandbags have applied multires. modifier with render subserf 3, in the viewport 0.

Render time using GPU & 1000 samples in cycles = +3 h

I link this idea of post apocalyptic scene and probably I’ll produce more. Enjoy & Comment!

that looks quite close to the guru’s final work.