Endi works in gamedev

Now I have permission to publish some of my works that I made at Most Wanted Entertainment. We worked on a tps-fps game. (I dont know the future of the project because I left the company, so don’t ask me about it.)

Edit: All image is realtime screenshot (20-30 fps on PC and X360 at hd resolution without anti-alias.

Here is the link:

Here is some of my favourites:


Beautiful stuff, endi! Too bad our Blender Game Engine isn’t powerful enough to support you.

I’m curious to hear about your process. Were these modeled, textured, and baked in Blender? For what engine?

Wow, I don’t know that much about games, but I think this is awesome work.

great , are they realtime ?

Bloody hell thats good. Incredible texture work.

Edit: What hits me is that the resolution of the textures are greater than any game i can think of, including Crysis. I find it astonoshing that an Xbox 360 can render this 20-30 times a second.
Ahhh, you’ve been taking part in the Black Noise engine game development. Now everything makes sense. No wonder it looks so good.

Wow, that looks great :cool: especially for real-time.
My favorite is the second to last one with the palm trees :D.

How long were you working on these? they must have taken a while.


I can recognise most of you works in this Tech demo, the tank is there aswell!

Awesome work! This looks like a promising engine, are the breaks pre-built or are they dynamic (the tank hitting the pillars)?

I hate people that can texture that well (JK).

These are fantastic. Better than most non-real time environments you see on 3D forums.

Absolutely excellent work. I always love seeing your stuff, hope you find a new job soon, if you don’t have one already!

Beautiful. 5*s

Wow! what’s the game’s name?

That’s realtime!!! Geez, how fun is playing that?! Couldn’t wait to try it out. Fantastic texturing and modelling, all in all, superb!


Amazing work! What’s the name of the game?

Great Work Endi. I really like the mood and textures. Congrats.

Thank you for the answers.
I cant tell more infos about the game.
But here is an older video (click on !!! BLACK NOISE HDTV ENGINE MÚVI !!! and you can download it):

Amazing work!!
Some of the best blender environments I’ve ever seen!

beautiful work! I assume all been done with Blender ?

Moved to the gallery.


Just saw the video. Gr8! Glad to see the mid to small developers making their comeback to the current gen game consoles.