Endless Space 2 - Art Dump

Hey there,
I guess I should have drop this earlier, but didn’t have the time to make it clean. :slight_smile:
I had the chance to work for Amplitude Studio - SEGA on the Endless Space franchise.
Here are the spaceships I’ve made using Blender.
Not all of them were made with the 2.80. Back then I was switching back and forth between 2.79 and 2.80.
Renders are made with EEVEE for the textured versions and Cycle for the Clay ones.

The following ones are from the Penumbra DLC, the faction is called “Umbral Choir”, for each faction there’s three spaceship sizes: Small, Medium, Large.
What’s interesting with the Umbral Choir is that the faction is visually “abstract”. To visually transcribe the concept arts into 3D, we had to free ourselves from everything we might think of when we think of a ship, and make sure we don’t integrate any elements that could potentially evoke “humanoid” technologies or processes. That is why we are particularly concentrated on finding a rhythm for the assembly of different geometric forms, but also on the materials, which don’t respect the standard usages.
I’ve been using HardOPS and BoxCutter, Retopoflow 2 to take care and clean up the 3D Sketches provided by the concept artist.



Here is a sneak peek of the process behind this one:

Small 01

Small 02


Substance Designer Materials

In Game - Ship Design view

In Game - Battle view

In Game - Title Screen

DLC Trailer

This model is from the previous “Supremacy” DLC. There were more spaceship, but this one was the only one made in Blender from scratch.
This is the biggest spaceship of all the game: the Behemoth. I had to work it like an environment: modeling the textures atlas and then Unwrap and map the meshes into the Atlas generated texture.
For this one the render was made in Marmoset.




Atlas modeling 01

Atlas modeling 02

In Game view - Obliterator

The concepts of all of this are from Sorane Mathieu, a very talented concept artist and also a Blender user, you can find his work here : https://www.artstation.com/soranemathieu

I hope you like it!


very high level stuff. Amazing work!

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Stunning work man :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks! I’m glad you appreciate it.
I’m trying to convert as much people as possible to Blender in every game studios I work.
Back at Ubisoft since few months, I’ve already started the Blender evangelism. :grinning:


Oh that’s awesome! It’s good to have a secret agent on the inside :wink:

Read more about the creation of this scene on BlenderNation:

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Woah, those look amazing!!!
You don’t happen to have download links to the blender files, or especially the textures do you?