Endless War

Here’s my newest project:)

Post Production was done in GIMP

whitout Postproduction:

Edit: Sorry I forget to mention, that I have the most textures from cgtextures.com

Cool atmosphere and textures, but the gun is rather low poly for this kind of image. Unless, of course, it is intended for use in a game. Would you mind showing a wireframe shot?

Cheers and God bless.

Thank you! Yes the weapon is lowpoly.

Here’s the Wireframeshot:

Looks really good, but I would lower the strength of the displacement of the ground a little. Some of the rock texture on the far left looks a little fake. The rock in the background might also need some work, there are some sharp edges pointing out from the bottom right of it. You might not need to do much, try to rotate it and see if that does the trick.

It looks like it would make a great title scene for a game.

Thank you very much! I’ll try to improve it after I have enough proposal.

is it meant for a game? If not I think you could add more polys to the gun and round it out some. The handle looks really thick and the trigger could be moved back. It looks like you’d need huge hands to hold it. If it is a still what is the story you are trying to convey? Is this a gun of a fallen solider? If so you could have maybe torn parts of armor and a helmet maybe. I like the overall color of the ground and the texture is really good. Looking forward to seeing more.

Yes, I had the Idea to convey a picture of a fallen soldier. I liked to put a hand on the left border, but the hand wasn’t textured enough good (the hand was an earlyer project) so I decided to leave it be.
I like your idea with the helmet! Maybe I am going to do a second version but at the moment I’ll go on with another project.

No, it isn’t for a game. I know it isn’t very detailed, but I concetrate on the texturing of the gun and I learned alot!^^

Sorry for my bad english…^^

That looks so good that I was about to go in an pick it up to have a play! I was concerned that it might be booby trapped, but once I saw the mesh, I am confident it’s not! (I may be wrong - there could a laser pulsing out of range)

Great job!