Enemy Culling and Save/Load System

It adds enemies depending on which area the player is and saves the enemy’s data dynamically. Furthermore, you can save and load them to different Slots.

You can dublicate your group enemies and define in which areas to show them. First you need to run CS_enemy_write.py to get the CS_enemy_level.py, don’t forget to delete OBcam in the file if you want to add new enemies.

While in game you can save all data with F5 and load them after with F6.

I think that is a good way to save logic resources, as there will be only 3-5 enemies at once. Furthermore you also don’t need to delete them after they are dead. By the way the dead state is simulated if you collide with an enemy.

Tutorial with file:

If you find any bug please tell me, thanks a lot. Have Fun.

Looks interesting, but complex. Well, commented script though so it should be useful for learning about it or putting such a system in your own games.

Yeap I know it is a little bit complex.

But as soon as I am sure there is no bug I will make a video tutorial on how to implement in any game.:yes:


Huh! Impressive ( 300? lines of code)!!
Very, very nice!
I’ll try to adapt it to my current work!
Thank you for sharing!

Yeah it does only work for the 2.49.

But I will make a 2.5 Version very soon with the tutorial.:slight_smile:

So I made a 2.5 Version. The video tutorial is in progress.

You can view the tutorial and download the files here:

So I have just finished and uploaded the video tutorial.

Just click on the above link to view it.

i really enjoyed the video tutorial. Well Done. If you are wondering which one you are going to do next, I have been trying to impliment your climb/ledge hang example. but have hit a couple snags.

I would kill for a video showing how to impliment it to a character that has controls for movement different to your suzanne example.

and an explanation of the state transitions, from ground->wall->ledge->ground again.

Also explaining the constraint brick and it’s importance.

I’ve downloaded all your examples from your site, as well as their corrosponding tutorial pages. I really admire your work and follow it here, on youtube, and your Gtown site, please keep it up.


Please P.M. me, if you’d be willing to look at my character .blend.

hey kurotatsu nice to hear that you like it.

Next week, I will do the video tutorial so I hope you can manage then to implement it to your own character.

If it still don’t work then I will have a look at your file.:smiley:

I appreciate your taking the time.

I’m trying to make my main character as self contained as possible which he already has a large amount of states. but once finished i’ll be able to just append his group into any level i make and he’s already fully functional.

And when i understand your setup, i can add like states(and constraint) to my pre-existing control empty.

Thx again for taking the time. I’ll be using your culling system, and enemy system in my game as well(I also like your save/load and may change my current one to one more like yours.).

And when i understand your setup, i can add like states(and constraint) to my pre-existing control empty.

Yep, that is true. You can easily adjust it to your setup.

Be aware that some of the example files might be a little bit optimized and updated in the new versions of my game. But if so I will also update the example files.

happy blendering for the new year.

thanks. I can’t wait for the update.