Energy beam

Hi everyone!
I have created a model of portal gun. Here you can see i have cylindrical blue beam. Just using cylinder with emission volume material.

But it looks not so cool.
I want to simulate a energy beam like this.

Who have an ideas how to do it?

you have to add the glow with compositing nodes. check for lightsaber tutorials. there are some out there.
(edit) also you can set your RGB values past what you can do with the slider if you type them in manually. sometimes that can be a good idea when using emission materials.

I think he is asking about how to replicate that beam from the screenshot (how to make all these cool details and wavy things in it). Post-process glow will not magically add those details.

Yeah, You’re absolutely right.

Because it’s in a contained space, you could probably get away with using a flat plane with a texture on it, that tracks along its axis to face the camera (but stays aligned with the gun on its other two axes). A slightly bowed shape to the cross-section of the plane could improve the effect a little for those times when the gun is pointing directly towards or away from the camera. This effect looks good as long as nothing intersects or collides with the beam (and odds are that’s the technique the screenshot you provided uses), so I wouldn’t recommend using it outside of the tube of the gun, though.

So, i find nice colution.

I added the little displace on central cylinder still with volume emission material.
The outside cylinder with bigger displace and have mix of transparent and emssion material mix.
Little outside lightnings is just randomized spiral curves with volume emission material.
Most likely it still have to fix something and make it better.