Energy storehouse

Every time I bring my ideas to artwork, the outcome always seems to disappoint me. How do I develop an aesthetic perception?

I don’t know how to answer that, but i think your render is too blurry.

I have been learning a lot by reading books on Grpahic Design and Color Theory.

thanks, ani specific books you might suggest?

here’s just some top level thoughts: there’s only one piece of the image that is in focus, which really directs the eye. but you’re not taking good advantage of that by using a low poly model (you can easily see the facets) with not a lot of interesting detail. build up the intricacy of that model, and maybe use that intricacy to introduce some sort of story or tension.

for example:
-where it is getting its energy from? (concepts like matrix pod people)
-is there a struggle for access to the energy (maybe there is a sentry guarding it, or maybe reveal a rebel faction somehow siphoning the power)

also consider that you have your focused element in the very corner of the frame. that sets up this tension of what is special about this one device that it seemingly one of many, nestled off to the side of the frame. i’ve got an entire image that i could be looking at, but you’re telling me to look here. take advantage of that! :smiley:

anyway, good luck! i do like the bokeh and tron-ish aesthetic you’ve got started :slight_smile:

My favorite is The Elements of Graphic Design

Just read a book on color theory and design as well. Can’t remember the name of it. It had a lot of good information.

thats really good design like it.

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I believe the location of the focus takes the emotion out of the picture, you simply don’t see enough to get a feel of the scene. I would focus on the ‘energy device’ in the center of the scene.

It looks not bad. I thinks there need some balance whole thing… The #2 looks great. Maybe you can turns #1 depth of focus a little bit because it seems closer to #2. So, it shows balance and maybe it shows feel emotion. I just give thought… :slight_smile: happy Tron!