Based on the comments I made some new variants.

Version with white velvet

A variant, some little details changed on the ring design

That was the first version
Cycles 1000 samples, nothing else.


whoa!! im loving the models and materials youve used here. i always wondered how people modeled such pristine diamonds like that! i also like the subtle text youve hidden in the back of the rings. if youre going for absolute photorealism, some cloudiness and tiny deformities/anisotropy in the metal via some textures would go a long way. regardless, im impressed by these rings. great job!

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That’s a really nice model. The only thing I’d have to add here is that the backdrop is usually some kind of off-colored velvet – not pure white. An extremely pointed (optical fiber or lens-based) light is often used just off-camera (the camera is of course “inches away”) to direct the sparkle very precisely on the diamond while soft-boxes provide complementary colors for the metal to reflect.

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Thanks for your nice comment. I am going to add some more details like you recommended, I’ve already have some dents on the metals using textures, but for example indeed on the left white gold is still too flat perfect to convince. I think I am going to sculpt the small imperfections.

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Thanks, glad you liked it. I am going to create an updated render with a nice velvet background. Traditionally, many famous brands use absolute white background for jewelry catalogs, let’s say by example Tiffany (www.tiffany.com) which is one of the most tradition respecting brand. But indeed, velvet materials are also widely used, and I think it will be more eye catchy with velvet.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome! Thanks Bart, take care and enjoy your weekend

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